NCE National Council of Exchangors 




National Council of Exchangors promotes advanced education in real estate. We know that superior knowledge is the key to success for our clients and our profession.

EMS Designation.  The NCE Board of Directors has taken important steps to increase the prestige and credibility of the Equity Marketing Specialist (EMS) designation.  In the past, the EMS designation was an integral part of becoming a member.  Other than a 2-day introductory course, the EMS designation was assigned to each new member, regardless of the level of education and experience of the member.  That is no longer the case for new members.  The EMS designation will now require that all new members satisfy certain educational and experience requirements before they are awarded the EMS designation.  The standards are recommended by the Education Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.  The standards may change from time-to-time.  This new policy will not affect those 2012 renewing members who, by their continuing membership, already possess the EMS designation.

NCE presents educational courses in:

  • Counseling
  • Formulas
  • Taxation
  • Exchange Marketing
  • Real Estate Notes
  • Finance
  • Forms

The following NCE educators are part of our education team:

Chet Allen, EMS, S.E.C.

Magi Bird, EMS

Ted Blank, EMS, CCIM, S.E.C.

Ed (Scotty) Scott, EMS

Tom Van Erp, EMS

John Weaver, EMS